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Who are we?

A cutting edge physio studio in the
heart of Bangalore

Stride Spine and Sports Rehab clinic was founded by celebrated sports physiotherapist Muthu Kumar with the single mission of giving a pain free active life to every human being they touch, irrespective to the nature of their injury or ailment.

While our team of experienced physiotherapists is very popular among top sportspeople of the country for fast and complete rehabilitation from sports injuries and downtime, we are also highly recommended by top Orthos in the country for our targeted post-surgery rehabilitation. On the flip side, the physiotherapists at Stride have also completely prevented several surgeries. More often than not, our patients come in with severe pain, having been recommended major surgery by multiple Orthos and specialists, and our team has been able to sort the issue out with just physiotherapy and rehab.

So far, we have had a 100% success rate with over 15000 clients who now live an active, pain free life. The key to this is our customized approach with each client of ours. We diagnose the musculo-skeletal problem accurately and explain the diagnosis clearly to our clients. Then, we treat them with the most optimal manual therapy techniques to help them recover faster. We follow up with a tailor made exercise module to strengthen the problem area to prevent recurrence of the injury and/or pain. The mission is to get them as close as possible to 100% normalcy.

Our positive and enthusiastic treatment approach aims to free our clients of any fear and worry about their future. The clinic is equipped with the latest exercise equipment to help our clients achieve maximum strength in the most optimal way.