What We Treat

Neck Pain

Pain in the neck due to spondylitis with or without referred pain to head / hands / upper back, or weakness in the upper limb. Neck pain due to work related posture and stress

Back pain

Upper back pain, Lower back pain, Disc herniation, Disc bulge and Siatica (Back pain with leg pain), Scoliosis, Postural issues, Tail bone injuries, etc

Shoulder pain

Shoulder injuries including Sports injuries, frozen shoulder, shoulder muscle weakness, any other restricted mobility on the shoulder, etc

Wrist and elbow pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome, Wrist Tendonitis Restricted wrist mobility, tennis elbow, elbow injuries, Restricted finger mobility, etc

Knee pain

Sports related knee pain, arthritis related disabilities, ruptured ligament, torn cartilage, knee tendonitis, knee injuries, etc

Ankle and heel pain

Ankle sprains, ligament tears, shin pain, heel pain, plantar fascitis, Achilles tendinitis, Heel stiffness, etc

Osteoarthritic pain

Management of joint pain and swelling due to Osteoarthritis, Pain relief, prevention of further deterioration and extension of joint life

Post Operative Rehab

Rehabilitation and resuscitation post surgery of any orthopedic condition, improve mobility post accidents, multiple fractures, joint replacements, etc

Sports injuries

Any injuries from sport, dance or intense physical activity. Reversal of injury, pain management and return to activity and/or performance