Avinash Patil

Avinash Patil

I suffered two herniated discs in 2015 and life had never been the same. I couldn’t play football and it affected my professional career adversely.

A lot of alternative medicine professionals like cold laser therapists and acupressure told me that 100% recovery is not possible and that weight training is forbidden.

Fast forward to visiting Stride in Dec 2019, Dr. Muthu Kumar ruled out herniated discs and recovery started in full swing. But the Covid pandemic interrupted my back rehab and I weighed 90 kilos.

In June 2021, I returned and my rehab began in full swing. After 5 months of rehab, my back pain has vanished. I now run 10 kms regularly. I also built lean muscle and cardio vascular endurance.

Thanks to Dr. Muthu Kumar and his team of physios who made the recovery possible.