Shivani Shenoy

Shivani Shenoy

We have known Dr. Muthu for over ten years now. Every time there were any aches or pains he was the default choice of doctor to go to. We have time and again heard miraculous stories about his experience and deep understanding of muscle anatomy. How he has helped in very many ‘impossible’ recoveries.

I am one such story.

I injured my back in January 2020. Various Orthopedic surgeons suggested spinal surgery to remove the disc between my L4 L5 vertebrae as the only way of recovery. I went to four doctors and all of them stood by this. A spinal surgery. All of them said there was no other way. I was completely bed ridden, in constant excruciating pain and couldn’t walk. Didn’t know what to do. Dr. Muthu came home. Saw my MRI and very confidently told me to give him 12 weeks. He said I will be perfectly ok if I have the patience and the faith. The confidence with which he spoke comforted me and we started our treatment. Those twelve weeks were difficult. There was a lot of pain. A lot of doubts if I was doing the right thing. If I will ever be ok again. He kept reassuring me and stood by my side all through it.

And yes, he healed me. Completely healed me. I was walking in eight weeks. The lockdown hit us and he was helping me with rehab online. I continued rehab and I was back in action. We are in March 2022 and I am perfectly ok. My back is stronger than ever. I am back to my workouts and we did it all without any surgery. Dr. Muthu is the only person responsible for this. I am grateful to have had him by my side at my lowest low. He is a fantastic doctor and his experience is another level. I realised it after he sorted such a major issue in my back without any invasive procedure. For us he is a dear friend and the only choice of doctor we recommend to anyone with any joint / muscle issues.