Gautham Karthik (Actor)

Gautham Karthik (Actor)

In my profession as an actor, I end up getting injured quite a lot, sometimes the injuries are big, sometimes small and sometimes I end up with injuries that are not detectable till a few days later.

My worst injury, a blow to the neck and spine, caused a lot of pain and also spread to different areas of my back. This resulted in me not able to work out, putting on a lot of weight, and experiencing pain 24/7.

I seeked out help from Physiotherapists, Doctors, Chiropractors and almost any form of treatment that would help, sadly none did. I was on the verge of giving up and learning to live with the pain when a friend of mine convinced me to try one last time with a doctor that she had been getting treated by.

That’s when I was introduced to Dr. Muthu Kumar.

I met him over video call, due to the ‘CoronaVirus Pandemic’ lockdown, and he asked me a bunch of questions, some of which I thought were totally unrelated to my pains, like what sofa am I sitting on in the living room, but to my surprise, everything helped him asses my situation with pinpoint accuracy!

With a few exercises taught over the video call and an ever-positive attitude, I noticed that there was a huge relief to the pain that I was experiencing for so long. And as the sessions continued, my pains have slowly disappeared and I’m back to my old workout routines, my weight is back under my control, and I’m back at work, fully confident.

Dr. Muthu Kumar has been a miracle worker in my life and now I am able to bravely go to my work knowing that I have an excellent doctor to make sure I get back up on my feet if I fall.