Manjima Mohan (Actor)

Manjima Mohan (Actor)

My Achilles tendon on my left leg had been cut in two and I had undergone surgery to reconnect the tendon, after which the road to recovery was really difficult. As an actor, I’m required to be able to dance, jump, run or at the very least, walk. Since I could barely even stand and support my weight, my work had to be put on hold, my workouts had to be stopped, I couldn’t do the things I loved anymore.

However, once I was introduced to Dr. Muthu Kumar, things began to immediately look up. He gave me a set of physio stretches to do on a daily basis, he followed up almost on a daily basis, kept motivating me when I felt low, he never let me give up. And then, once I was strong enough, he started me on a few workouts. Step-by-step, day-by-day, I started noticing differences, I felt stronger, I was able to stand longer, I was able to move faster.

Now, I’ve resumed my work, I am confident enough to resume my dance classes and I’ve never felt stronger.

Thanks to Dr. Muthu Kumar, I’ve got my life back on track and am able to move forward